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William Whitley Home / Stanford, KY

When people learn about these priceless historic treasures they are more likely to preserve them for generations to come! Visit these special places to help them survive, and maybe make an extra donation to the preservation society while you are there!


Old Jail and Jailer’s Quarters / Franklin, KY

Each blog post will focus on the history of a place in Kentucky where we have personally traveled, visited, and/or toured. The post will also tell of any families that lived in those places. To top it off, we’ll tell of our own personal experiences while visiting!


Duncan Tavern / Paris, KY

Many hours on the road and personal connections to places, make the best memories that will last a life time! We make memories and have stories to tell with each road trip we make. We hope you will get out and see Kentucky and make memories of your own!

“There is no better way to learn the history of places and people than to see it first hand and walk where they walked, so we hope you will decide to visit these places too!”

-Medina Dean, Founder and Writer

Meet the Founder and Writer

Hello! I’m Medina, the founder and writer of Kentucky Historic Travels. I am a wife and a mother of an amazing 16 year old daughter who joins me on all of my travels. I love history and my home state of Kentucky where I have lived all my life. Not only do I love history and Kentucky, I also love genealogy. A few years ago, I learned that my 5th great grandfather was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War and moved from Virginia to Kentucky around 1798, most likely traveling along Wilderness Road. It was then that my love of history and Kentucky became more of a passion. I joined the DAR and have since been on a mission of Education and Preservation of our most beloved historic treasures; the places where my family most likely traveled and maybe even stayed awhile. I hope that my site helps you build an appreciation of these most priceless treasures (maybe even a love), and I hope it motivates you to get out and enjoy these beautiful places as well. From me to you, “Welcome and Happy Travels!”

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