Historic Downtown Franklin

Our road trip to Franklin, KY (established in 1820) may very well be one of my favorite trips we have taken in a long time! We began our day at Octagon Hall just north of Downtown Franklin. From there, we drove into Historic Downtown to get a bite to eat. One of the many thingsContinue reading “Historic Downtown Franklin”

Octagon Hall Museum

My daughter, who is 14, has developed an interest in haunted houses. I don’t mean the kind you go to for Halloween. She’s intrigued at the thought that the historic homes we tour may be inhabited by spirits that have not crossed over. I’m not a believer in ghosts or spirits, but when I cameContinue reading “Octagon Hall Museum”

Ward Hall – The Grandest Greek Revival Home in KY

Georgetown is home to the grandest Greek Revival home in Kentucky! With more than 12,000 square feet of living space, and four 27 foot tall fluted Corinthian columns supporting the massive portico, Ward Hall is a sight to see! Junius and Matilda Ward Ward Hall was built in the 1850s by Junius Richard Ward andContinue reading “Ward Hall – The Grandest Greek Revival Home in KY”

The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 4

Knob Creek, Lincoln’s Boyhood Home Welcome to Part 4 (and the final part) of The Lincoln Family Chronicles. When we left off on Part 3, Thomas had begun a land dispute (again) and had been kicked off the land at Sinking Springs in 1811. He leased 30 acres of land along Knob Creek just 10Continue reading “The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 4”

The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 3

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park We have finally arrived at the historical location that many people already know about, Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. I will be honest, it has been several years since we have visited the site. I have visited probably 3-4 times in my life, and I have taken my daughter twice. IContinue reading “The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 3”

The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 2

Lincoln Homestead State Park Can you begin to imagine how Bathsheba felt at the loss of her husband, Abraham? (We learned in “The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 1, Long Run Cemetery,” Bathsheba was left with 5 children to raise after burying her husband on their land in Jefferson County, KY, in 1786. ) I meanContinue reading “The Lincoln Family Chronicles, Part 2”