Old Talbott Tavern

Once I begin the research of each place we visit on our adventures, I end up finding out that the place is the oldest this or the oldest that… the oldest town, the oldest row house. The same is true of The Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, KY. Its place in history stands as theContinue reading “Old Talbott Tavern”

Old Mud Meeting House

When we visited Harrodsburg, KY a few weeks ago, we planned for several stops to places we had not visited before. In my previous post, I shared with you our visit to Morgan Row in the historic downtown area. After our visit there, we loaded up and headed just a few miles down the roadContinue reading “Old Mud Meeting House”

Morgan Row

This summer’s adventures took us to more than one location on each day’s travels. The day we traveled to Harrodsburg, KY was no different! Come along with me as I share our historic travels! Historic Harrodsburg Harrodsburg is rich in history! If you have never visited, it is well worth the trip. It was foundedContinue reading “Morgan Row”