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Family History

My love of history led me to an interest in family genealogy. I completed research and learned that my 5th great grandfather fought in the American Revolution. During that research, I also learned that he brought my family to Kentucky in 1802, and my family line has been here ever since.

I joined the DAR and continued my interest in history education and historic preservation, as these are 2 areas of focus of the DAR. Through my blog and crafting business, I hope to have a positive impact on Kentucky historic education and preservation.

My Mom, daughter, and me on our trip to Owensboro.

Medina Dean

As a born and raised Kentuckian, I have a natural love of my home state! Wrap that in with my love of history, and Kentucky Historic Travels came to be. I now write blog posts that cover my travels with my mother and daughter to historic places throughout the state, as well as the history of the location. There is nothing that compares to 3 generations out creating memories together! We hope you enjoy the stories of our travels.

It is no surprise that many of the historic places I have written about are in major need of repairs. I wanted to help, even if just a little. I came up with the idea of selling Kentucky-themed home decor items with a percentage of the sales being donated to KY historic preservation. I want to make sure our most priceless historic treasures continue to stand for another 100 years.

I wanted to create KY items that would provide a rustic feeling of comfort and warmth, so I chose the name Kentucky Creature Comforts because creature comforts are “material comforts that contribute to physical ease and well-being.” My husband then decided to join me in my endeavors, making our business “Veteran and Family Owned!”

I hope that you find comfort in our KY-themed items and that our travels motivate you to get out and see Kentucky!

May you always be reminded of the warmth and southern hospitality of this fine state.

Happy Travels!


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