Versailles, Kentucky

Versailles, Kentucky is another beautiful, quaint small town that is quintessential KY!

Bell’s Tavern & Tavern History

As we left Diamond Caverns on our last day trip, we were headed for the interstate, when I saw the historic sign for Bell’s Tavern. I had seen information about this tavern on one of my many searches, but I hadn’t remembered its location in Park City. With just a few turns, we arrived atContinue reading “Bell’s Tavern & Tavern History”

Augusta, KY

Augusta, KY. Where to start?!? As stated in my previous Rosemary Clooney post, we traveled to August for Rosemary, but what we found was a quaint, beautiful, little riverside town worthy of its own post. As we entered into the historic district, we found the quaint strip of shops that is iconic of small townContinue reading “Augusta, KY”

The Lexington Cemetery

As I stated in my previous blog post regarding Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, we originally planned to visit the Lexington Cemetery to see the cherry blossoms that were in bloom. Once I looked further, I then learned of the historical significance of this beautiful location. Lexington Beginnings Traveling from Fort Harrod in 1775, aContinue reading “The Lexington Cemetery”

Ashland – The Henry Clay Estate

This trip to Lexington truly began with cherry blossoms. There is a page I follow that focuses on Kentucky’s landscapes. Recently, many photographs were posted to that page of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom at The Lexington Cemetery. Then and there, I decided we would make the trip to take our own photographs…Continue reading “Ashland – The Henry Clay Estate”