Preston, Floyd, and Breckinridge; Revolutionary Names are a Link to the Past (Part 1)

Revolutionary War history is hidden among subdivisions and apartment complexes in Jefferson County, Kentucky, but the names of these important families remain in plain sight.

Augusta, KY

Augusta, KY. Where to start?!? As stated in my previous Rosemary Clooney post, we traveled to August for Rosemary, but what we found was a quaint, beautiful, little riverside town worthy of its own post. As we entered into the historic district, we found the quaint strip of shops that is iconic of small townContinue reading “Augusta, KY”

Rosemary Clooney Home

Our trip to Augusta, KY was all for Rosemary Clooney. You see, the movie White Christmas is a holiday favorite of mine, as well as my daughter and husband. During the holidays, it is a tradition of ours to watch White Christmas together while we each enjoy a cup of hot chocolate adorned with aContinue reading “Rosemary Clooney Home”