Science Hill School

Science Hill School, in Shelbyville, KY, was founded by Julia A. Tevis in 1825. Today, the building holds a restaurant, a gallery, and small shops.

Logan’s Station

Frontier Protection In the early days of Kentucky County, the frontier was dotted with stations and forts built to protect settlers from Native American attacks. Forts, such as Ft. Boonesborough and Ft. Harrod, were larger fortifications usually built around a spring, allowing multiple families to settle in an area. Stations, like Logan’s Station, were smaller,Continue reading “Logan’s Station”

The Early Frontier

The William Whitley House State Historic Site Around 1775, Col. William Whitley (a soldier, pioneer, and sports enthusiast) and his wife Esther crossed the Appalachian Mountains into Kentucky County through the Cumberland Gap. (Prior to this, Whitley had traveled into Kentucky County with George Rogers Clark, in an expedition against Native Americans in the NorthwestContinue reading “The Early Frontier”